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About Us

We believe snacking should always be a wholesome, satisfying and lively experience. 

When the snack idea first came to mind, we wanted to start with key ingredients that we are all familiar with, nuts (and legumes, technically). The wholesomeness of nuts makes it an easy choice. It’s been part of the human diet across cultures throughout the ages. Inspired by our world travels and diverse experiences, we wanted to make global connections through mix ups of various flavors.

So we embarked on an adventurous experimentation on exotic spices, aromatic roots and herbs from different parts of the world. We put our own unique spin on the flavors – mixing both familiar and not-so-familiar natural ingredients.

Aiming to excite the most demanding palates, we came up with some seemingly unlikely flavors, yet surprisingly tasty. Whether it can enhance your mood or help you start lively conversations, we simply invite you to taste for yourselves.

Wholesome Nuts + Adventurous Mix Ups = Awesome Snack Pick Ups

As how people describe them:

"Sweet, spicy and oh yes, slightly addictive!"

"The craft nuts for your adventurous palate!"

"They are sweet, savory and surprisingly tasty"

"Interesting flavors with a slight kick at the end"

"Deez nuts are good!"

The NutJourney in a Nutshell

Founded by two husbands who found a common fascination on all things craft - beverages, beer and food. It started with the idea of an all-natural snack that not only can complement craft beverages but also enhance the experience. They had to dig up old family recipes and experimented with a variety of spices on nuts. Along the way in crafting, testing, tasting, and eating whatever came out, they were able to hit some nice touches on flavors. 

The husbands' take on this snack-making adventure didn't disappoint their first customers, their wives. With such aromatic and rousing flavors, it became a surprising hit! Their wives gave them out as holiday presents and people loved them! People got hooked on the flavors, and they asked for more, so here we are!  

What's with the name? People playfully started calling it, "Husband's Nuts." It was catchy but not everyone found the name quite appetizing :) Conversations about it became very lively (maybe too lively for the wholesome product that it is!) Let's just say it's a good talking point.

Hey, have some nuts! Cheers!

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